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"Faenza House” Association - Timisoara Community Center for Autistic Children

Purpose of the Association

Established on the assessed basic needs of the community, the main purpose of this Association is to improve living conditions and social adaptability of children, aged 3 to 15, from the Municipality of Timișoara, suffering from an autism spectrum disorder, through rehabilitation and social integration of these children, laying a great emphasis on the importance of early intervention.

If in 2001 the initiators of the Association aimed at increasing the quality of life of autistic children and their families( from Timișoara), in early 2003, to this effect another one was added, currently considered primordial, namely the integration of children in their own family (where applicable ), in school and in the community.

And because our center is a center that also provides social services, there is a simultaneous involvement on both plans:

  • that of rehabilitating an autistic child and
  • the psycho-social and communitarian one.

This approach has been used as a result of understanding that the functionality/dysfunctionality of the family represents the basis and returning points of our success. The Community Center for Autistic Children “Faenza House“ works as a day care center, respecting the family's and the child"s daily schedule.


  • 15 children suffering from an autistic syndrome, aged 3 to 15, who are part of families from Timișoara;
  • 11 children suffering from an autistic syndrome, aged 12 to 18;
  • families of these children.

In addition to the above mentioned, beneficiaries are also the families with young autists from various corners of the country who come at the Center for evaluation and in order to establish a program of individualized intervention.

The number of children suffering from autism to be assisted in the Center “Faenza House” was established to 15, aged between 3 and 15. The motivations which led to the choice of this particular number of children-beneficiaries are based both on the fact that the space and rooms at the center are rather small, but also because working with this category of children is very demanding.

The recuperative activities are lengthy, requiring the staff operating in an interdisciplinary team to possess specific skills. Specialized assistance to this category of children implies individualized rehabilitation programs that will contain specific present-day methods in infantile autism.

The 15 autistic children which are cared for are divided into three groups of five children, according to their chronological age, the degree of psychomotor impairment, and the skills presented by the child at the time he/she came at the Center.

The assisting period for a child is one year, with a possibility of extending it, depending on the development of the child and the opportunities of his/her integration in other centers.

Timișoara, Sănătății Street, no.15
Phone no.: 0356 101410
Fax: 0356 101409

Adrian Orza - Association President
Cristina Piscuc - Interim Director
Hoinal Gergely - Psychologist / Team Supervisor
Marinela Antal - Psychologist / Coordinator at-home Care Service

The other members of the team:
Sabău Anca – Child Psychiatrist
Andreea Doge – Kinesitherapist
Ileana Klepa – Recovery Teacher
Ciprian Olteanu – Recovery Teacher
Daciana Men – Recovery Teacher
Mihaela Giurgiu – Recovery Teacher  
Cristina Muntean – Recovery Teacher
Zvanciuc Datcu Nicoleta – Recovery Teacher
Nicolae Iordache – Speech and Language Therapist

The Association's Schedule:

  • 8 hours daily, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 15 p.m.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 4 and 6 p.m., educational and support groups are held for parents having children suffering from an autism spectrum disorder.

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stema timisoarei

- 317660 (2002)
- 334115 (1992)
45°44'58"N, 21°13'38"E
- 550km București
- 170km Belgrad
- 300km Budapesta
- total: 12.926,83 ha
- agricol:
7902,61 ha
- câmpie cu variații de max. 2-3m
- canalul artificial Bega
centru seismic destul de activ (max 6 pe scara Richter
Numele municipiului
- Zambara (Zurobara)
- Tibiscum (Tibisis)
- Beguey (până la 1212)
- Temesiensis
- Temesvár
- Temeswar (Temeschburg)
- Temesburg
- Timičvár
- Temičvar
- Timișoara
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