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Karlsruhe (Germany)

Karlsruhe is located on the wooded plateau of the Upper Rhine, between the Rhine and the Black Forest, neighbouring with the Rhineland Palatinate and France. It encompasses an area of 173, 45 km2 and its population falls into about 270 000 inhabitants.

Karlsruhe was founded on June 17th 1715, in the heart of the forest, because of a prince's whim - due to the diplomatic abilities of its founder, Margrave Karl Wilhelm, it has the reputation of being, ever since its first generation, an international city. Karl Wilhelm was the one who drew in the city the first colonists, giving forth a "Clemency Decree” to all those “who so desire to settle down and take up abode near or around Carols-Ruhe (in Romanian, “popasul lui Carol”), and to build houses here”, by gifting them with free land and wood to build their houses. Colonists came from The Netherlands, France and Tyrol.

Town Hall

Karlsruhe is known to be the economic metropolis of South-Western Germany, the administrative center of the Upper Central Rhine region, the focal point of technological convergence in the region, a growth area for the services sector, and scientific research center aiming primarily at high technology.
Panoramic View


Academic institutions worthy of noting in this regard are: University of Karlsruhe “Fridericiana”, College of Technology, School of Education, College of Music, National Academy of Arts, Professional Academy, the European School, The Art and Media Technology Center, National College of Art and Design.

The University

Twinning Date: August 19th 1992

Karlsruhe Palace

Ludwig Square

Central Square

From May 28th to 29th 1998, Timișoara organized a national conference on current issues regarding municipal roads and invited Martin Kirsch, the respondent for such problems from the Town Hall of Karlsruhe.
From July 10th to 12th 1998, the Deaf Athletics Association in Karlsruhe invited athletes from the corresponding Timișoara Association to participate in an international sporting Championship. The Timișoara Association confirmed its participation with 28 members. (The city of Karlsruhe also granted aid with part of the transportation costs).
From July 10th to 13th 1998, a commission from Karlsruhe, led by Mayor Gerhard Seiler and Gunther Russel, was in Timișoara and met with officials and representatives of various institutions from the city (CCIAT, German Forum, etc.), debating on various topics and economic contacts. On this occasion, a shipment of humanitarian aids was brought, consisting of trams, 20 tones of different aids for churches, “St. Nicholas” Center, social welfare canteen, Lenau High School (equipment for the gym), Horticulture Department (specialized equipment and machinery), hospitals (orthopedic equipment). Also, a baptismal font was donated to the Mitropoly, the willingness to restore the Hebrew cemetery was expressed, and 10,000 DM were donated to the city for “Friendship Fountain”. This transport was the 27th transport consisting of humanitarian aid that the city of Karlsruhe brought to Timișoara, already totaling 340 tones.
From July 18th to August 1st 1998, two young men were invited to Karlsruhe International Youth Meeting, having the topic: "Reconciliation with the Graves”, for works of preserving the tombs of German war heroes in the Karlsruhe cemetery.
From August 1st to 31st 1998, two students from Timișoara have carried out their internship at Karlsruhe Town Hall.
In September 1998, the city of Karlsruhe has requested the participation of children aged between 5 and 14 with works at a painting exhibition for children having as subject animal protection. The proposal was sent to the High School of Fine Arts in Timișoara.
From October 19th to 24th 1998, CCIAT, the Office of Economic Promotion of Timișoara from Karlsruhe and the German Consulate organized “German Economy Days”. With the occasion of this seminar, various contacts were intermediated and there were held various discussions on economic issues of common interest.
During 1998, a group of young adolescents, members of a theater group, attended the Festival of theater for youngsters in Karlsruhe.  

From August 7th to 15th 1999, Suzana Bartal, a young musician from our city, was invited to Karlsruhe to attend a piano course, the training costs being borne by Karlsruhe Town Hall.
From January 27th to 29th 1999, a delegation from Karlsruhe, led by Jürgen Ulmer, the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe representative, came to our town for an exchange of ideas and experience and for meetings with representatives of various Authorities and discussions on future collaboration and getting acquainted with our city"s economic environment. This action was organized in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Office of Economic Promotion.
On April 20th 1999, Freundeskreis Association brought in Timișoara a shipment of humanitarian aids to hospitals and infants’ homes, including a Siemens ultrasound device, a personal donation from Gerhard Seiler to the Municipal Hospital, worth DM 10,000.
On May 18th 1999, Christian Ochsenbauer, the representative for RWE Uwelt International Gmbh, came in town to lay the basis for collaborating with Retim Authority.
On May 19th 1999, the delegation from Karlsruhe, led by Hans Peter Klemm, the representative of the Association Freundeskreis Karlsruhe-Timișoara, brought a transport of humanitarian aid.
On July 13th 1999, Freundeskreis Association donated DM 10,000 for homeless children in Timișoara.
In August 1999, two students from Timișoara have carried out their internship at Karlsruhe Town Hall.
In August 1999, for a period of 2 weeks, a boy-scout troop from Karlsruhe came to Timișoara to help rebuild the Hebrew cemetery.
From August 17th to 31st 1999, a group of young people from our city took part in the Euromeeting Youth Camp, which was held in Karlsruhe.
On September 13th 1999, a delegation from Karlsruhe, led by Johann Niemersheim, a representative of the Timișoara-Karlsruhe Office of Economic Promotion visited us.
In 1999, the Town Hall facilitated Univ. Prof. Dr. Zeno Gurban brokering the contacts needed in order to visit the University of Karlsruhe for possible future Inter-University cooperation in the fields of medicine and biology.
Karlsruhe helped Eng. Ramona Muțiu by facilitating her access in order to carry out an advanced perfection internship, from November 6th to 20th 1999, at the Research Center of the Institute of Technical Physics in Karlsruhe.
Karlsruhe Town Hall granted facilities to a group of athletes from Timișoara transiting Karlsruhe to participate in a sporting event in Rueil-Malmaison, France.
Timișoara requested the help of Russell Gunther, president of the Friendship Circle Karlsruhe-Timișoara, and to the Mayor of Karlsruhe for the preservation of the General German Consulate in Timișoara.
In 1999, the Karlsruhe-Durlach Tourism Association “Friends of Nature” invited a group of 11 persons, members of the Timișoara Tourism Association “Montana group - Friends of Nature”, to make a visit to Karlsruhe and Durlach for an exchange.

From March 24th to 26th 2000, an official delegation from Karlsruhe, led by Mayor Heinz Fenrich, came to Timișoara and met with city officials and representatives of the city’s main institutions, also bringing a major shipment of humanitarian aid . On this occasion, several institutions of our city expressed their willingness to take in future relations of cooperation with similar Karlsruhe institutions.
In August 2000, three students from Timișoara have carried out their internship at Karlsruhe Town Hall. The young pianist Suzana Bartal took benefit from the financial backing of Karlsruhe Town Hall, consisting in the costs of stay and courses she had attended.
In April 2000, the Karlsruhe Municipal Clinic organized “The Medical Care Days “, an event to which it invited hospitals from Timișoara, with which it wants to start collaborating.

In August 2002, Peter Klemm, the representative Karlsruhe-Timișoara Friendship Circle, brought a shipment of humanitarian aid for the CFR Hospital and the Children's Hospital.

In February 2003, a partnership between “Emanoil Ungureanu” High School in Timișoara and Engelbert-Bohn-Schule in Karlsruhe materialized through the help of Timișoara Town Hall.
In January 2003, Mr. Schnepf, the representative of the Karlsruhe Company for City Services - Department of Strategic Planning, was on a mission in Timișoara for conducting a feasibility study in the field of thermal power.
From July 28th to March 31st 2003, three students from Timișoara have carried out their internship at Karlsruhe Town Hall.
On June 24th 2003 began the distribution of goods arrived with a shipment of humanitarian aid to Timișoara via the Karlsruhe - Timișoara Friendship Association, and consisting of hospital equipment (wheelchairs, beds, linen), German-language books, games, household electric machines, tableware, bicycles and clothes. During July of the same year, a shipment including school furniture was made, being assigned to some schools in Timișoara. Also, in October 30th 2003, a new transport of humanitarian aid arrived in Timișoara, this time being assigned to “Louis Țurcanu” Children’s Hospital, the Dystrophy Ward. This transport consisted of goods representing the full necessary fo 65 new born over a period of three weeks. At the same time, the transport also included 40 hospital beds for children.
During November 2003, Timișoara Town Hall met Heinz Fenrich’s request, Mayor of Karlsruhe, to support his application for “Cultural Capital of the Year 2010”. The Timișoara Municipality’s support enters in Karlsruhe’s candidacy program, by exemplifying through the partnership with Timișoara the good relations which they maintain with Central and Eastern Europe.

At the beginning of 2004, preparations for mediating the participation of four athletes from Timișoara to that year's Baden Marathon Athletic Events have started. Also, as for the “Karlsruhe 2010” project, a delegation made of Karlsruhe Vice-Mayor Mr. Ullrich Eidemueller and the project’s spokesperson Mrs. Elisabeth Schraut arrived in our city.
A delegation from the Karlsruhe-Timișoara Friendship Circle, led by Ladislaus Bojan, made a visit to Timișoara Town Hall on September 20th 2004.
From August 1st to 29th 2004, two students from Timișoara’s Polytechnics University, Faculty of Construction and Architecture went to the University of Karlsruhe to carry out an internship.
From in the September 18th to 20th 2004, four athletes from Timișoara took part at the 22nd edition of the sporting event “Baden Marathon Karlsruhe”.
Following the request addressed during November 2003 by the mayor of Karlsruhe, Mr. Heinz Fenrich, concerning the support by Timișoara of the German city’s candidacy to the title of “Cultural Capital of Europe 2010”, the Municipality of Timișoara started the steps to support the twin town’s candidacy. There have been established contacts between the Municipality of Karlsruhe and the main representatives of cultural life in our city. They identified possible future cultural activities, whose joint ongoing may lead to the intensification of relations in this field and which could support the above-mentioned goals.

From February 6th to 9th 2005, a German delegation, led by Vice-Mayor Ullrich Eidenmueller, took part in Timișoara at the international seminar organized by the Town Hall’s of the two twinned cities.
In order to implement the project “Prudent Rehabilitation and Economical Revitalization of the historic quarters of Timișoara”, the Municipality has requested the support of Karlsruhe, which has an old and famous tradition in building rehabilitation. From February 21st to 23rd 2005, a delegation from the city of Karlsruhe, led by eng. Harald Ringler, the representative of the Urbanism Directorate from the German Town Hall, came to Timișoara. On this occasion, concrete issues regarding Karlsruhe’s support concerning the progress of the project were discussed.
From June 24th to 26th 2005, six rowers from Timișoara took part in the Karlsruhe Regatta in honor of the “Festival of Sport”.
On July 2nd and 3rd 2005, five cyclists from the Timișoara Tibiscus Cycling Club, took part in Cycling Competition organized by the Municipality of Karlsruhe in collaboration with its partner cities, in the events occasioned by the 50 years Jubilee since a partnership between Karlsruhe and Nancy had been signed.
From August 1st to 26th 2005, two students from Timișoara’s Polytechnics University, Faculty of Construction and Architecture went to the University of Karlsruhe to carry out an internship. This internship is part of a cooperation program that Karlsruhe carries out every summer in order to strengthen relations between young people from the cities twinned with the German city.

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