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Mulhouse (France)
City Presentation
Mulhouse, an important city with 230,000 inhabitants, is located in the Southern part of Alsace, at the crossroads of three countries: France, Germany and Switzerland.

Mulhouse shares an important international airport - Euro-airport – with Basel and Freiburg. It is also at the center of a railway system where high-speed trains in Europe meet: Rhine-Rhone TGV, "The Rail 2000” between Italy (Milan) and Southern Germany.

The University of Mulhouse belongs to the EUCOR cooperation network between the Universities of Strasbourg, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Basel (100,000 students and the largest concentration of scientists in Europe).

Twinning Date: August 1991

Brief History

Where to start?
15 years ago, on December 29th 1989, a plane from Mulhouse came to Timișoara full of humanitarian aids which were distributed to the Municipal Hospital. Afterwards, other aids came and went to the Orphanage, the Association of Locomotive Handicapped Persons, and the “Jean-Louis Calderon” High School.

As time went by, the need of professional training emerged and the aid, which, in the beginning, was exclusively humanitarian, was followed by medical training actions, and, later on, for various other institutions in the city. Thus, a new stage of relationship with the city of Mulhouse began.

From humanitarian aids to training
The first contacts with the Municipal Hospital of Timișoara led to a collaboration between it and the Mulhouse Hospital Center “Emile Muller”, this collaboration turning into direct contacts between the two hospitals, by sending regular medical material and by organizing internships to benefit doctors from Timișoara.

Then followed training courses on various topics, meant for Town Hall, Prefecture and County Council officials, as well as for Public Services officials from the city, carried out mainly through the University of Haute Alsace's Service of Continuous Training (SERFA).

From training to cooperation. Numerous actions
Since 1997, the nature of exchanges made between the cities changed, evolving from professional training to cooperation. In this sense, respondents for certain services from Mulhouse Town Hall and similar respondents for similar services from Timișoara Town Hall or from some of its Authorities belonging to the latter have made exchanged their knowledge. Thus, on a regular basis, officials from Mulhouse came to Timișoara or vice-versa, in order to meet their counterparts and discuss on themes set out in advance concerning the social, roads, water and sewerage, housing habitat, urban planning, etc. In 1998, exchanges have been expanded, and a collaboration between the Urban Data Bank Service and its counterpart in Mulhouse was initiated, in order to make a geographical information system to serve the city, and, in 2000, one in the field of civil protection.

Between 1997and 2003, numerous actions have been carried out.

At the end of 2000, the city of Mulhouse received from the High Council for Decentralized Cooperation the “Decentralized Cooperation Award” for actions carried out between Mulhouse and Timișoara in their twinning relationship. The prize, worth FF 15,000, was donated to the city of Timișoara in order to continue the projects in the social field (for making a Food Bank in Timișoara and a partnership with the “St. Nicholas” Transit Center for Minors).

Recently, the first contacts were initiated in order to start, as of this year, the cooperation in a new area: economical development.

Moreover, a cooperation in the cultural field is about to materialize. The French Cultural Center in Timișoara came into contact with “La Filature” (Mulhouse cultural institution) and with the respondents for cultural issues of Mulhouse Town Hall for cultural exchanges between institutions from the two towns.

In 2004, the exchanges in the fields of civil protection, safety against fires, and in the social field have been continued, determined by the decentralized cooperation between cities, extended it towards democracy of proximity (of neighborhood councils). Local promotion activities have been conducted.

From February 4th to 10th 2004, a Town Hall delegation went to Mulhouse to arrange and participate with a expositional pavilion at the fair of “Fete du Monde”. The delegation was accompanied by “Timișul Folkloric Ensemble” belonging to the Municipality"s House of Culture.

From June 19th to 21st 2004, “Lychen” musicians group of Mulhouse came to Timișoara to participate in the “Music Fest” (“Sărbătoarea Muzicii”).

From October 24th to 28th 2004, a delegation composed of 7 representatives of the Mulhouse Town Hall, led by Mrs. Christiane Eckert – Vice-Mayor responsible with international relations – visited Timișoara, aiming at exchanges with their counterparts from Timișoara in the following areas: legislation on children’s rights, the elderly and senior citizens’ council, democracy of proximity and neighborhood councils, international relations, decentralized cooperation, etc. In October 25th and 26th, the delegation also attended the Meeting on Decentralized Cooperation, organized by the French Embassy.

From November 2nd to 8th 2004, Hervé Frantz, Patrice Zürcher and David Aubry, representatives of the Mulhouse Fire Fighters, have carried out training courses on protection against fire in Timișoara, on the topic “Team First Aid”.

From November 8th to 15th 2004, Patrick Wick, Michel Uria and Daniel Faesch, representatives of the Mulhouse Fire Fighters, have carried out training courses on protection against fire in Timișoara, on the topic “First Road Aid in Case of Accident”.

Starting from November 27th to December 5th 2004, Sorin Roșu, Cosmin Ivan, Mihai Călin, Aurel Paulescu, and Sorin Flucsă, members of the SALVO volunteers group at the Municipal Inspectorate of Civil Protection of Timișoara went in exchange in civil protection with counterparts from Mulhouse on "Interventions in dangerous environment."

From January 15th to 23rd 2005, a delegation of the Municipality went to Mulhouse to participate in an exchange of experience concerning several social issues, democracy of proximity (neighborhood councils), etc.

From May 12th to 15th 2005, Jean-Luc Manser and Roland Gewiss, chairman and respectively secretary general of the Association "Firefighters Alsace Solidarity" in Mulhouse, were in Timișoara meet with firefighters and civil protection respondents in order to establish the cooperation program.

From November 28th to December 5th 2005, Christian Demark, Fernand Boeglin, and Anne Graff, French trainers, members of the Association "Firefighters Alsace Solidarity" in Mulhouse, were in Timișoara to train firefighters on the theme “Giving Team First Aid".

On December 5th to 12th 2005, Patrice Zürcher, Philippe Meyer and Alain Vonau, French trainers, members of the Association "Firefighters Alsace Solidarity" in Mulhouse, were in Timișoara to training firefighters on the theme "Giving Team First Aid in case of a Road Accident. "

Through the agency of Timișoara and Mulhouse Town Halls, the first contacts for a new collaboration were initiated between "The School of Road Transport" in Timișoara and Polyvalent Regional High School "Ettore Bugatti" in Illzach, a town located in urban areas of Mulhouse.

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