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Szeged (Hungary)

Located at the confluence of the Tisza and Mureș Rivers and having about 180,000 inhabitants, the city of Szeged is a regional center, having a nearly two millennia past.

The name Szeged was first mentioned in an 1183 document. Becoming an important commercial and administrative center, in 1247 Szeged received the title of "town”.
Today, the city of Szeged is among the richest and most prosperous cities in Hungary. The economy is based mainly on agriculture and trade, among its traditional products being the paprika peppers, tobacco, fish, as well as worked shoes, a legacy of former Turkish rule.

Town Hall

Today, the city is also proud of its multinational components, here settling in time Turks, Slavs, Germans, Armenians, Greeks, and Romanians.
Its role as a cultural center is strengthened besides the Academy of Sciences by leading Universities, the Music Conservatory, the two theaters, valued museums, as well as the annual cultural-artistic events organized.

During 2004, together with Szeged Town Hall there have been initiated and implemented two projects:

1. “The Transfrontier Cooperation Program between Szeged and Timișoara" having as main objectives the project “Training of Border Specialists Employed at Timișoara and Szeged Town Halls Program”, and

2. “Exchanges of Experience in Architecture and Urban Planning Program between Szeged and Timișoara Town Halls”. Implementation of these projects has facilitated direct contact of a large number of civil servants with similar activities from the two Municipalities, as well as of professionals in architecture and urbanism from the two cities.

On April 1st to 3rd 2005, the city of Szeged organized the "Tourism Fair", at which Timișoara had two representatives and a stand with informational materials and specific products in order to promote tourism in Timișoara and the Banat area.

During the “Szeged Days”, the Hungarian twin town organized a series of cultural and sporting events to which have participated representatives from Timișoara, as follows:

  • From May 18th to 21st 2005, a "Festival of Drawings and Paintings" was organized, to which have attended 15 students from the High School of Fine Arts with their works and 15 students from the. "Ion Mincu" High School of Architecture On this occasion, two students from the High School of Fine Arts and three from "Ion Mincu" High School of Architecture were awarded.
  • On May 21st and 22nd 2005, the “Sports Festival of Twinned Towns” was organized, where Timișoara was represented by several athletes who have participated in competitions like swimming, basketball, football, and table tennis.
  • On May 21st and 22nd 2005, the "Fair on the Bridge" was organized, event to which Timișoara participated with two representatives and a stand with informational materials and products to promote tourism potential in the area;
  • On May 21st and 22nd 2005, various activities were organized for youngsters, to which have attended 5 representatives of our city.
  • On June 10th and 11th 2005, representatives of the Municipality of Timișoara Local Council and Timișoara Town Hall officials went to Szeged to participate in an exchange with their counterparts. On this occasion, a joint meeting of local councils was held and there were signed a "Joint Declaration of Cooperation" and an "Agreement of Cooperation in Tourism."

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stema timisoarei

- 317660 (2002)
- 334115 (1992)
45°44'58"N, 21°13'38"E
- 550km București
- 170km Belgrad
- 300km Budapesta
- total: 12.926,83 ha
- agricol:
7902,61 ha
- câmpie cu variații de max. 2-3m
- canalul artificial Bega
centru seismic destul de activ (max 6 pe scara Richter
Numele municipiului
- Zambara (Zurobara)
- Tibiscum (Tibisis)
- Beguey (până la 1212)
- Temesiensis
- Temesvár
- Temeswar (Temeschburg)
- Temesburg
- Timičvár
- Temičvar
- Timișoara
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