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Treviso (Italy)

Treviso is a city in the Veneto region of Italy, being the capital of the Treviso province. According to the 1991census, it has 83,598 inhabitants.

Veneto is located in the North-Eastern part of Italy and borders on Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia-Romagna, spreading between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

The region is very rich in terms of arts and culture. Its artistic heritage includes unique buildings and Venetian bridges, as well as many Palladio villas.

The regional economy, which used to overall depend on agriculture, is now oriented towards high-tech industry and fashion (Benetton is one of the large employers), together with cultural tourism.

Treviso hosts several sports teams known in Italy, and which are sponsored by Benetton.

Twinning date: March 27th 2003

In 2004, there a series of activities were carried out, laying a great emphasis on Civil Protection. Four trips have been made to our city by Civil Protection volunteers from Treviso, who have performed practical demonstrations and displayed specific items. Some of these items were donated to the Timișoara SALVO volunteers group belonging to the Local Government (2 tents, pumps, spotlights, medical first aid kits).

Of these events, we mention:

  • The ”TIM - HELIOS 2004 Exercise”, organized for intervention in cases of flooding and dangerous weather phenomena, and public warnings of the Municipality of Timișoara
  • The "Evacuation in case of Earthquake Exercise”, organized with the help of an educational unit in Timișoara.
    On the basis of reciprocity in the same sector, in May the Chief Inspector of Civil Protection of Timișoara went to Treviso.

At the same time, joint sports activities were conducted, such as organizing football matches between amateur teams from the two cities.

With the support of Giorgio Gaio, Assessor respondent for relations between the twinned towns, in October 2004, a delegation of potential Italian investors in science and cutting edge technology visited Timișoara. After visiting the Business Incubator, and the Technological and Industrial Park, they have expressed their intention to open a branch in our city.

With the support of both Treviso Town hall, and of Civil Protection from the Italian city, from May 25th to July 30th 2004, two officials from Timișoara Town Hall have conducted an internship in the Italian Local Government, an exchange beneficial for both sides for a better acquaintance with the two bilateral administrations, in the (at that time) future integration of Romania into the European Union.

From February 25th to March 1st 2005, an exchange took place to which the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers of Treviso has participated. They took part in a civil protection exercise and at a technical exhibition during the Civil Protection Day. Along with Trevisani volunteers, at the event have attended volunteers from Spilimbergo (Province of Pordenone).

In the context of reciprocity, Marius Peter Paniti, a SALVO member, was invited to participate in a joint exercise on April 2nd and 3rd 2005 in the Italian city, and to a related exchange of experience. The volunteer from Timișoara has demonstrated much professionalism, receiving diplomas for each section of the exercises he took part to.

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stema timisoarei

- 317660 (2002)
- 334115 (1992)
45°44'58"N, 21°13'38"E
- 550km București
- 170km Belgrad
- 300km Budapesta
- total: 12.926,83 ha
- agricol:
7902,61 ha
- câmpie cu variații de max. 2-3m
- canalul artificial Bega
centru seismic destul de activ (max 6 pe scara Richter
Numele municipiului
- Zambara (Zurobara)
- Tibiscum (Tibisis)
- Beguey (până la 1212)
- Temesiensis
- Temesvár
- Temeswar (Temeschburg)
- Temesburg
- Timičvár
- Temičvar
- Timișoara
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