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Palermo (Italy)

Palermo has 720,000 inhabitants and is situated in the homonym province of Italy, being the capital of Sicily. Palermo was founded by the Phoenicians who named it Ziz (flower). It soon came into contact with Greek seafarers and merchants, hence the name Panormus, the Latin for the Greek name that means "all the port". Its period of maximum prosperity is the Norman one, under Federico II (1194-1250), who knew to recruit and use the Arabic, Greek, and Roman cultural heritage.

In the Sicilian capital, prevailing are the tertiary sector and administration activities. The city enjoys a large influx of tourists.

Twinning Date: October 7th 2005

In order to support the twinning arrangements, between June 30th and July 1st 2005, a delegation composed of Palermitani senior officials and businessmen came to our city. On this occasion, a promotion film of the city Palermo and of the whole of Sicily was displayed.

In October 2005, a delegation of Timișoara Local Government went to Palermo, for signing the Twinning protocol. In this context, debates were made on the directions of cooperation, the priority being the restoration of historical objectives and the organization of the newly formed Communitarian Police.

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stema timisoarei

- 317660 (2002)
- 334115 (1992)
45°44'58"N, 21°13'38"E
- 550km București
- 170km Belgrad
- 300km Budapesta
- total: 12.926,83 ha
- agricol:
7902,61 ha
- câmpie cu variații de max. 2-3m
- canalul artificial Bega
centru seismic destul de activ (max 6 pe scara Richter
Numele municipiului
- Zambara (Zurobara)
- Tibiscum (Tibisis)
- Beguey (până la 1212)
- Temesiensis
- Temesvár
- Temeswar (Temeschburg)
- Temesburg
- Timičvár
- Temičvar
- Timișoara
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